The MINI series

The MINI series is an entry level transmitter with 2 functions. Smaller in size than the IP and STANDARD, the mini fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is ideal for those wanting a more slimline transmitter. Weatherproof and robust design with aaa batteries.


The IP series

IP series transmitter pictured with 4 functions including 'engine start' and 'engine stop'. Has the ability to start and stop the truck from the remote transmitter as well as raise/lower the trailer. Other functions like actuator and tailgate control are also possible. About the size of a thick smart phone, the IP series is weatherproof, durable and capable of multiple functions. It also has customizable buttons to suit your operation.

standardThe STANDARD series

The STANDARD series transmitter is a midrange, 2 function transmitter that is also weatherproof and is slightly smaller than the IP series. It has a gel case for protection and a lanyard to keep it safe. Takes aaa batteries so changeover is easy.