ALLERGIC reactions to grain dust have prompted Swan Hill farmer Mark Free to develop a remote control system for the tipping of grain trailers. Mark has developed the ­Remotip control system, which allows drivers to empty grain from their trailers from metres away.

Not only does it allow the driver to lift the hoist out of the way of dust but it also gives greater oversight of the unloading of their commodity, particularly in confined spaces such as sheds or underneath power lines.

Mark suffered from grain dust allergies, so set about developing the Remotip to allow him to unload his grain truck away from dust and chaff.

The system is relatively easy to use. A control box is mounted behind the truck’s cabin.

It taps into the truck’s air lines to raise or lower the tipper hydraulics through a handheld remote control device. The remote control eliminates the need for the driver to keep the truck door open and keep returning to the cabin to operate the trailer hydraulics.  The Remotip is suitable for single trailer and B-double trucks and can also incorporate other functions onto the same handset like engine and actuator control.