The remote activated hoist and grain chute have worked hastle free for 2 years for us. Being able to stand out of the dust and sun while unloading is fantastic. Even when topping up silos you don't have to be near the truck/grain chute. You can be watching the top of the auger making sure you don't over fill the silo. We even used the b double at sowing time to fill the airseeder because we had the remote hoist and grain chute allowing you to be up the top of the airseeder while filling.

Lake Bolac farmer Bill Walker

Having a remote operated tipping system on our farm saves us from a serious injury. We have our own grain storage on our property which we use a large 125ft, 16 inch swing away Auger. This Auger operates at 11 tonne a minute. There is no time for mishaps, so standing behind the truck and near the Auger you have a clear view and out of danger. Everything happens quickly, so being able to unload the truck with a remote has saved us from running back to the cab and then running back to the Auger again.This system is also great for us at cropping time filling the airseeder. It saves having to run up and down the ladder when you are by yourself, which is also a danger during dewy nights. All in all, I wouldnt be without a "Remotip" system now.

Darren Bailey, Central Mallee, transport company and grain farmer.

The Remotip system has made unloading an easier task and into a one person operation.It allows the operator to stand away from dust, noise & danger. Combined with the remote engine start/stop the Remotip is the best feature I've added to the truck & trailers.

Ken Seymour, Miling WA